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Our badminton courts in puchong are modernly designed, equipped with rubberized courts and modern technology to ensure smooth and convenient access for frequent customers and members. We are also committed to providing a clean, happy, friendly, safe and healthy environment that facilitates active participation and engagement.

Puchong Badminton Court Operation Hours
7.30am to 12am (everyday)

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Follow the instruction in the video !

1. Select your location.
2. Pick your date and time.
3. Fill in your details.
4. Make payment to book your court online !
* You may contact +6012 – 969 8101 for more enquiries ! *

1. Select your location.
2. Pick your date and time.
3. Fill in your details.
4. Make payment to book your court online !

* You may contact +6012 – 969 8101 for more enquiries ! *


You may book & view up to 90 days via our Contactless Booking

Our systems are automated, the court lights will be automatically switched on/off based on your scheduled bookings.The common walkway lights will be automatically switched on for 10 mins after the last booking so please make your way out.

Yes, we do offer fixed seasonal booking. For a more popular choice, you may consider Contactless Booking e-Voucher which offers much greater savings, flexibility and comes along with better perks.

You can always refer to our floor plan. Alternatively when you book online, Premier Reserve Courts are marked with “PR”, Preferred Courts are marked with “P” & Standard Courts are marked with “S”

Yes, of course. We do recommend that you book at least 15min before the end of your session to avoid any interruption to your game. Otherwise, a 5 min waiting period is required.

Depending on your bookings. Should it apply, it will be refunded to you in a Contactless Booking e-Voucher with a validity of 30 days in which you can use for your future booking.

Normal Bookings

You may make the booking changes within a min. 72hrs prior to your scheduled booking via your booking confirmation email link. For Contactless Booking e-Voucher User, you may use the Customer Portal.

For changes less than the min. 72hrs, change fee apply.

Booking with Promo Codes

Change Fee apply

All our badminton courts are with rubberized flooring which makes it possible to distribute stress evenly, making performance efficient for players.

It safeguards the interest of badminton players by giving good grip and prevention from injuries, which can be caused by playing on conventional floors. It provides a buffer to the players by reducing the impact if players fall, thus reducing injuries.

The court’s dimensions are all to the same international standards. What sets them apart from Standard Courts is that Preferred & Premier Reserve Courts will have more seating capacity and the area surrounding the court is much more spacious. Premier Reserve Courts will have more privacy with no adjacent courts. Both Preferred & Premier Reserve Court are also located closer to the front of the hall and amenities for greater convenience. 

For Fixed Seasonal Booking, the same court on your preferred day and time will be reserved for you based on your payment term booking for 3 / 6 / 12 months. There is no refund and/or replacement for cancellation and/or No Show.

We do highly recommend our Contactless Booking e-Voucher, it offers you more flexibility and better value. 

Our system will hold your booking for 7 minutes to enable you to make the payment. Please wait after 7 minutes to re-book the slot or alternatively book at a different slot.

Booking Process

Booking your slot is a breeze! With our Contactless Booking system, you can effortlessly reserve and access schedules up to 90 days in advance. Choose between using our guest option or opt or sign up for FREE on our customer portal to unlock a host of additional benefits.

With Customer Portal, you get to enjoy the convenience of booking multiple courts, setting up recurring bookings seamlessly, and many more.

The choice is yours. We’re committed to making your booking process smooth and convenient.

The reason you’re limited to booking only 30 minutes is due to existing bookings.

In mobile view:

Each blue box symbolizes a 30-minute slot. When availability allows, you’ll find options like 8:00pm | 8:30pm | 9:00pm | 9:30pm.

However, if you notice a gap like 8:00pm | 11:00pm, it indicates the time in between has already been reserved.

Make the most of your booking experience by grasping these visual cues.

Absolutely, we’re open every day of the year, including public holidays. Our facilities are accessible 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ensuring you can enjoy badminton anytime you like.

Certainly! To ensure a seamless experience, we recommend booking an extension at least 15 minutes before your current session ends. This will help avoid any interruptions to your game. If you decide to extend closer to the end of your session, please note that a 10-minute waiting period is required for the system to refresh.

Absolutely! If you’re using our customer portal, you can easily extend your booking. However, please keep in mind that for guest users, the minimum booking duration is 1 hour.

Absolutely! If you’ve booked through the customer portal, you can make changes there. For guest logins, a link for changes can be found in your booking confirmation email.

Keep in mind that free changes are applicable up to a minimum of 72 hours before your scheduled booking. Changes made less than 72 hours in advance will incur a change fee. No changes are permitted within 4 hours of the booking.

Our system retains your booking for 7 minutes to allow time for payment processing. If the transaction isn’t successful, please wait until the 7-minute period expires before attempting to re-book the slot. Alternatively, you can explore other available slots for booking.

A change fee is a charge applied when you make modifications to your booking.

I need to make changes to multiple bookings. Could you provide information about the change fees?

Yes, we do offer offline bookings over the phone. However, we do not encourage walk-ins as our system operates fully automated and may be unmanned at certain times.

We strongly recommend booking online, where you can enjoy better rates. Please note that our offline rates differ, and we are unable to offer the same rates as online bookings. Additionally, online booking allows you to conveniently check court availability, avoiding any potential disappointment.

For your convenience, we have vending machines in place. Please note that only cashless payment methods are accepted for vending machine purchases.

Facilities Information

We’ve categorized our badminton courts into four distinct types, all adhering to international standards in terms of dimensions. The difference lies in the offerings and experience they provide:


 Features Classic (C) Standard (S) Preferred (P) Premier Reserve (PR)
 Flooring Special Epoxy Rubberized Rubberized Rubberized
 Seating Limited Limited Medium Large
 Area Limited Limited Spacious Spacious
 Privacy N/A N/A N/A Yes (No adjacent court)

Absolutely! We understand your desire to play frequently. We offer the option of a fixed seasonal booking that suits your needs.

However, for an even more rewarding experience, delve into our Contactless Booking e-Voucher. This choice not only brings you remarkable savings but also elevates your flexibility and adds a range of fantastic perks to your game.

It’s all about optimizing your badminton journey. Take your pick and enjoy the game to the fullest!


 Description Fixed Seasonal Booking Contacless Booking e-Voucher
 Rates Published Online
 Value N/A Up to 30% Extra Value
 Venue Fixed Redeemable at any MBA Centres
 Flexibility Fixed day / time / facilities Redeemable at any day / time / facilities
 Changes Change Fee Apply FREE Changes (min. 72 hours prior to scheduled booking)

Certainly! You’re more than welcome to book our courts for hosting friendly matches, tournaments, or even a sports day event.

Rest assured, we have all the necessary arrangements to make your event a success. To learn more about our offerings and how we can assist you in organizing a fantastic event, simply click here.

We look forward to helping you create memorable experiences on our courts!

The suitability will vary based on the nature of your classes and activities. Please note that external badminton coaching is not allowed. Please be aware that if it’s discovered that you’ve made a booking to conduct external badminton coaching, the booking will be instantly cancelled, and no refund will be provided.

For potential collaboration opportunities, kindly contact us.

Our operations are designed for convenience. Our automated system ensures that lights and fans are synchronized with your scheduled bookings, guaranteeing a comfortable environment during your playtime.

After the conclusion of your booking, our system maintains the walkway lights for an additional 10 minutes. This feature enhances safety and provides a smooth transition for all players.

Contactless Booking e-Voucher

To understand how the Contactless Booking e-Voucher works, we’ve provided a detailed video below. This video will walk you through the process step by step, ensuring a seamless and hassle-free experience. Feel free to watch the video to learn more about the convenience and benefits that the Contactless Booking e-Voucher brings to your badminton journey.

Unfortunately, no. The Contactless Booking e-Voucher is exclusively designed for facility bookings and cannot be used for any other purposes.

Unfortunately, this is not possible. You need to choose either the promo codes or the Contactless Booking e-Voucher for your booking. If you decide to proceed with both options, any amount difference will be automatically deducted from your account.

In such cases, you can use a credit or debit card to pay the remaining balance and successfully complete your payment.

Unfortunately there will be no refunds. Additionally, any remaining balance on an expired voucher will be forfeited and no longer usable.

Contact Details

Phone: +6012 – 969 8101
Email: info@mba101badminton.com
HQ Address:
Dewan Badminton MBA,
Multi Storey Car Park,
Level RF, Jalan BP 7/11,
Bandar Bukit Puchong, 47120 Puchong, Selangor

MBA HQ @ Bukit Puchong

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Contact Details

Phone: +6012 – 969 8101
Email: info@mba101badminton.com