Beyond Badminton

Creating Champions for Life

We define Champions as being the best you can be in life in mind, body and soul.

At MBA, we believe in an all-rounded holistic training for our students. While highly focused on technical and practical skill development, our junior training programmes also incorporate off-court education covering areas such as informative sessions on badminton history & current news, leadership & motivational sessions, healthy diet and lifestyle tips to ensure that our students receive an all-rounded development physically and mentally.

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    Balance key to keeping consistent levels in performance on court. We believe in using positive reinforcement tools to nurture and motivate our students.

    Because it’s all about the students, the MBA Training programmes are carefully crafted to unearth the best qualities in them; physically and mentally. Our training syllabus comprise of comprehensive on and off-court modules that cater to the needs of students from a variety of ages and skill levels.

MBA Junior Development Programme

Development Programme

The MBA Junior Development Programme is a three-stage badminton training course designed to develop young badminton enthusiasts towards becoming champions. Suitable for students aged 8 to 18 years old, the curriculum is catered for individuals interested in pursuing a career in badminton, or just simply desiring to step up their badminton skills.

These specialized 2-hour sessions seeks to challenge players physically and mentally by introducing them to increasingly vigorous physical training exercises, tactical sessions as they progress while preparing them to be mentally prepared, for competitions. Also included in the curriculum are field trips that break away from traditional training regiments, friendly matches and opportunities to play in domestic and international tournaments.

The MBA Junior Development Programme consist of three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advance. Students who excel at one level upon the coach’s advisement can move on to the following level.

Kids Training


  • Tiny Tots

    These 1-hour sessions are suitable for children ages 6-7 years old, are shorter and less demanding, specifically developed to cater to the physical abilities of young children. Children are taught the fundamentals of the sport in a fun atmosphere that brings out their enjoyment for badminton.

    Minimum 4 sessions.

  • Eager Beavers

    Suitable for all junior badminton enthusiasts who just want to sweat it out for one whole hour whilst brushing up on skills and techniques under the guidance of our MBA coaches.

    Minimum 4 sessions.

“My dream was to start a badminton centre that would bring communities together to share their love of badminton” - Michael Lee

Junior Development Programme

MBA @ Bukit Puchong Bukit Puchong MBA @ Port Dickson PD MBA @ Taman Megah Taman Megah

Private Training

A class tailored to your individual or private group needs with personalized attention. Perfect for individuals with irregular schedules, or those who require a more customized training regime.

Maximum students per class: 4 pax

Minimum 4 sessions.

Private Training (Min. 4 sessions) – Port Dickson

Private Training PD

*Terms and Condition apply

Smash & Sweat

Smash & Sweat 2

New enrolments are subject to an Admission & Enrolment Fee and a Security Deposit

Enrolment Fee (Non Refundable) - RM120

Each new registration entitles a Training T-Shirt, 1 year MBA membership and RM30 Sports & Equipment voucher

*Enrolment Fee reapplies to students who have stopped classes for 4 months or more.

Security Deposit (Refundable) – 1-month training fee

*One term written notice to be eligible for refund of security deposit

National & International Camps

Achieving Dreams Through Badminton

Michael’s Badminton Academy’s Stay And Smash programme is the perfect travel package for sportspersons, badminton enthusiasts and people wanting to visit Malaysia. Our country has a rich tradition of producing world-class badminton players, from the Sidek brothers to the current world’s number one player Lee Chong Wei. The secret behind the success of many of these players lies in the excellent training facilities and coaches in Malaysia.

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    MBA’s facilities are on par with the best in the world. You’ll also enjoy the expert guidance of our coaches who will help badminton beginners understand basic techniques, while also honing the skills of those who play badminton regularly. You’ll also participate in Sports Science classes and gym sessions to get pointers on how to build and maintain your fitness.

    The Stay And Smash programme also gives you the chance to enjoy the local culture and explore Malaysia’s beautiful environment. And don’t forget – your comfort is our priority, and you’ll be staying at our onsite dorms to be right next to where the badminton action is!

    Do you want a new badminton adventure? Visit us! We’ve got surprises in store for you to give you a unique holiday experience that will be fulfilling, both as a player and a traveler.

    If you’d like more information on our accommodation facilities, or learn more about how we can help organise different activities for families, schools, academies, or corporate clients visiting Malaysia, drop us a line at! …Contact Us for more Info

Brain Bytes Collaboration

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    In the upcoming MBA Holiday Camp collaboration with Michael Badminton Academy, Brain Bytes is very pleased and excited at the collaboration as both organizations share the same goal. We not only want to aid participants in strengthening their physical state; it is also crucial to boost their mental development and to guide them on how to carry themselves well to be successful in all aspects of their life. The essence of our program is to heavily focus in cultivating a 4 C-able future for the participants, which are – Communication, Collaboration, Creativity and Critical Thinking Skills.

    With the right tools, proper practice and fun experience, participants will be motivated in getting together and thinking out of the box to bring out the best in them for a brighter start towards their future.