The Team


At MBA, badminton is more than just a sport. It is about fostering relationships and instilling values such as teamwork, respect, and resilience; it is about building a person’s character and confidence. …Contact Us

The MBA story


Founded by Malaysian badminton enthusiast Michael Lee, Michael’s Badminton Academy started off with a dream to bring together badminton enthusiasts from different communities to share their passion for the lifestyle.

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    Launched in February 2002 by former Prime Minister’s wife, Yang Amat Berbahagia Tun Dr Siti Hasmah, the first MBA badminton centre was situated in Taman Megah. With 16 indoor courts, MBA Taman Megah was recognized as the largest privately-owned badminton centre in the state.

    In September 2004, MBA opened the Bandar Puteri, Puchong centre with 32 indoor courts, which was awarded the Biggest Badminton Centre in Malaysia by the Malaysia Book of Records. In 2015, MBA Puchong moved from Bandar Puteri to Bukit Puchong. In 2016, MBA launched its first badminton centre outside of Klang Valley, MBA Port Dickson, a container-concept centre equipped with modern technology to ensure smooth and convenient access for frequent customers and members.

    Today, MBA is a one-stop centre for all badminton needs from offering professional services from court rentals and pro-shops to a full-fledge badminton academy, training players from Malaysia and around the world. In addition to that, MBA also hosts local and international tournaments, badminton exchange programmes with other countries and corporate events.

“Our aim is to equip them with skills of excellence in badminton and instill positive values in them; with the hopes that with the training and lessons learnt would empower these children to set out for a brighter future. ” - KC Lee at the launch of Hope for Change in 2011

The Hope For Change CSR Programme

The Hope for Change Badminton Charity Program is an on-going CSR initiative by MBA. Launched in March 2011, Hope for Change is a 10-month badminton workshop designed specifically for underprivileged children with the objective of giving them the opportunity to excel in sports.

Benefitting close to 200 children since its launch, Hope for Change also incorporates field trips and extracurricular activities for the children with the aim of providing them with a well-rounded holistic training.


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That all children, especially the less privileged, has equal opportunity to discover, showcase and develop their talent in badminton.

  • Participating Homes:

    • House of Joy
    • Rumah Shalom
    • Rumah Kebajikan At-Taqwa
    • Rumah Hope
    • Rumah Charis
    • Pure Life Society

  • Past-programme partners:

    • IOI Properties
    • ECM Libra
    • Leaderonomics
    • Rapid KL
    • FusionExcel
    • Yap Kim Hock (2012 Ambassador)
    • Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM)

Our Vision & Mission


Our Mission

We want to ensure that the high standards of Malaysian badminton are kept for generations to come, and are committed to creating what we like to call Champions For Life – well-rounded individuals who don’t just excel in badminton, but are also successful in all aspects of their life!

  • Our Vision

    As one of the pioneers in the badminton industry in Malaysia, MBA’s vision is to be the hub of private badminton training and solutions at the international level, to produce world-class players.

  • Our Mission

    Building Relationships and Creating Champions for Life!

    • To ensure that the high standards of Malaysian badminton are kept for generations to come by providing world-class badminton training
    • To create what we call Champions for Life – well-rounded individuals who don’t just excel in badminton, but are also successful in all aspects of their life
    • To make a difference by bringing the passion for badminton to communities, through reaching out and building relationship with our customers and partners

Our Guiding Principles


In our every day journey towards our vision, we at MBA follow the five principles that guide the way that we train our students:

  • 1) Instil the values of good sportsmanship, team spirit, perseverance, discipline and leadership qualities
  • 2) Promote a healthy lifestyle
  • 3) Encourage participation of juniors in competitive levels
  • 4) Create awareness of badminton among the younger generation
  • 5) Encourage players to foster new friendships


Past Corporate Events


As Malaysians become more aware on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, we see corporations not only encouraging this practice, but also proactively providing platforms for employees via sports clubs and team-building sessions to promote the culture of a healthy living. Among the organisations that we’ve had the pleasure of assisting include British American Tobacco, HSBC, Hewlett Packard, Sierra Ovation, UPECA Aerotech, and Scientex. We’re also always on the lookout to help schools raise awareness of badminton playing amongst employees, and encourage them to get in touch with MBA for a fun experience.

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    MBA has extensive experience in structuring badminton events for a wide variety of purposes for companies and organisations, be it casual tournaments or intensive training camps. We’re equipped to run large-scale events, from start to finish, and can help in planning, marketing, and of course, executing the event.

    If you’d like more information on how we can help customise a fun event for your company, drop us a line at!


Hope for Change uses badminton as a means to get the best out these children for a better future, and as a strong believer in this cause, I am here to support MBA in this initiative and to encourage the children. We are all here because we’re serious about investing in their future.


- Yap Kim Hock, former national player and Hope for Change 2012 ambassador.